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Iranian embassy in the diplomatic charity bazaar in Tunis

A big turnout for the wing of the Iranian embassy in the diplomatic charity bazaar in Tunis


 The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, participated in the diplomatic charity bazaar was held in the Conferences Palace in the Tunisian capital. The Iranian wing witnessed a large turnout of visitors, diplomats and media.

Visitors had ,widely, enjoyed the Iranian traditional industries and foods at the level that the Iranian wing finished its products from the first moments of the opening of the diplomatic bazaar that noted the participation of more than thirty embassies in Tunis.

And thanks to the high quality of the Iranian products, visitors of the Iranian wing , asked the provision of Iranian products  not only in this bazaar but also in Tunisian markets.

Exhibited Iranian products were, purely traditional Iranian heritage like diacritics, painting on copper and canvas, and other Iranian carpets like the wool ones. In addition to that, the Iranian kitchen was also present by rice with grilled chicken ( joojeh kabab),  tabrezeya Kofta , mhalabeya with rice and  saffron (sholeh zard) , mhalabeya with rice and milk( sheer berenj), pistachio, raisins and nougat.

This bazaar, which was presented by ambassadors wives in Tunis, was an opportunity for foreign embassies to raise money  and then to support needy and destitute people.

Tunisian media was, also, interested by the Iranian wing.





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